Maria Vinieratou – Bossinakis Law School Graduate UoA, MS “Sustainable Development” HUA Doctoral candidate at the University of Peloponnese, Email:

Panagiotis Al. Patargias, PhD Civil Engineer N.T.U.A Emeritus Professor at the University of Peloponnese Email: 

DOI: 10.26341/issn.2241-4002-2016-1a-4 

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Archodoula Vasilara, Architect Engineer - Urban Planner, Laboratory and Teaching Staff, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, School of Architecture Engineering, Urban Design Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens, Email: 

Joseph Stefanou, Em. Professor at N.T.U.A, Laboratory of Urban Design NTUA, Email: 

DOI: 10.26341/issn.2241-4002-2015-1a-1

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