Ioannis Vardopoulos, Department of Home Economics and Ecology, School of Environment, Geography and Applied Economics, Harokopio University (HUA), Greece, Email: 

Spyridon Karytsas, Geothermal Energy Department, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES), Attica, Greece


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Katerina Zouni, MSc Environmental Design, Hellenic Open University, Architect NTUA, Email: 
Economou Agisilaos, PhD National Technical University of Athens, Environmentalist, Member of Associate
Education Personnel (AEP) of Hellenic Open University, Email: 

DOI: 10.26341/issn.2241-4002-2019-1b-6


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Stylianos Stratantonakis, Economist, Master in Sustainable Development, Harokopio University, Email: 

Roido Mitoula, Professor, Harokopio University of Athens,  Email: 

Helen Theodoropoulou, Professor, Harokopio University of Athens, 

Panagiotis Kaldis, Professor University of Western Attica, Email: 

DOI: 10.26341/issn.2241-4002-2019-1a-6


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Riva Lava, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture N.T.U.A., Email:

DOI: 10.26341/issn.2241-4002-2018-1b-6

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Chroni Athina, Archaeologist–Art Historian N.K.U.A., PhD N.Τ.U.A., Email:

Tsetine Eirini Chara, Architectural Engineer DUTH, PhD Candidate DUTH, Email:

Tzivelopoulou Aikaterini, Architectural Engineer NTUA, MSc Cardiff University, Email: 

Vardouli Eftychia, Cultural Manager – Researcher, Economic Science, Email: 

DOI: 10.26341/issn.2241-4002-2018-1b-5

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Vouza Alexandra, National Technical University of Athens, Email:

Faridou Despoina, National Technical University of Athens, Email:

DOI: 10.26341/issn.2241-4002-2018-1b-4

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